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  • 執筆者の写真寺田まり/MariTerada

Keeping high spirits

Today I felt the urge to talk to my friends in Europe and talked to one in Germany and the other in Paris. They were both doing well and we had a great talk and laughter together. Thank God we have technology that allows us to video chat for free around the world !! It’s so important to keep high spirits especially when living in difficult times. Having true friends really help and I decided to do this more often ! So why not pick up the phone and start calling your friends?!

ドイツとパリに住む親友達とビデオ会話して心がとても軽い💕 安心して本音で話せる友人達がいるというのはなんて有り難いのでしょう。今の時代、世界のどこにいても簡単に無料で繋がれるんだからすごいなぁ。どんな時でも明るい気持ちだけは失わないように工夫しながら生活していきたいですね🍀🌸



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