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寺田まり ピアノコンサート 
主催:在ベトナム ドイツ総領事館 @ Music Conservatory HCMC
Veranstalter: Deutsche General Konsulat in HCMC, Vietnam 2013.11.1

(Tuoitrenews 11月3日付)

“Autumn Dreams” concert ends in big applause.

November 3, 2013 by Tuoitrenews

November 3, 2013 by Tuoitrenews

Japanese pianist Mari Terada’s concert on November 1 gave Ho Chi Minh City audiences a journey into beautiful melodies of autumn with her solo concert titled “Autumn Dreams” at the city’s Conservatory of Music.The show was held by the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany in HCMC to conclude the German month with lots of activities for Germany people in Vietnam in October. The conservatory’s hall saw the participation of Vietnamese, German and Japanese audiences with its 450 seats filled.


According to the organizer, “Autumn Dreams” is to honor the relationship between the three countries Germany, Japan and Vietnam which meet and connect through music. It is a very special event since it featured performances of a Japanese artist who is well related to the three countries. Mari was born in Japan and had a long time studying in German and HCMC currently is where she stays for 3 -4 months per year with her husband for his job.


“I’m so thrilled to be in the vibrant HCMC, presenting my beloved country German and performing to you all tonight,” Mari shared at her concert. “I’ve lived in German for the longest part of my life, and I’m also well related to Japan, that’s why I want to open the concert.”


“I’m also very happy to see many Vietnamese people among the audiences tonight,” she added.

During the 2-hour concert, with her gentle beauty and strong passion, Mari conquered audiences and led them into her gentle, romantic and passionate autumn dreams with masterpieces by world’s renowned composers like F. Chopin, J.Brahms, C.Debussy, F.Liszt and M. Mussorgsky. After each performance, the artists paused for seconds to talk about the works she was going to perform. The highlight part of the show was the 32-minute-continous performance showcasing the work “Pictures at an Exhibition” by M. Mussorgsky.


The concert concluded in a big round of rapturous applause from audiences who seemed to expect the show to be longer.

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