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CD録音は「シューマン(AUCD-10),「ドビュッシーピアノ作品集(AUCD-15),「Reflections(MS-001)」をリリース。 「ドビュッシー」録音で「レコード芸術」、「月刊ショパン」,各誌で特選盤に選ばれる。

海外ではベトナム国立交響楽団との共演、ブラジルでは外務省認定事業「日本ブラジル移民100周年記念コンサート」及び、「ブラジル報道協会200周年記念コンサート」でリサイタル。他にもドイツ、中国、韓国、タイでもリサイタルやマスタークラスをも行い、活動の場を広げている。ソロ活動のほか、他ジャンルとのコラボ企画、伴奏、アウトリーチ活動、レクチャーコンサートなども積極的に行っている。コンクール、検定試験の審査員も務める。 2017年に「ミューズの玉手箱」と言う他ジャンルのゲストを迎えてゲストの専門知識と音楽との掛け合わせを演奏とレクチャーで行うコンサートシリーズをスタートさせた。




Mari Terada began to play the piano at the age of 5.  At age 7, she moved to the US with her family.  During her stay in the U.S., she won several prizes at competitions including such as SYMF Competition and Southern California Bach Festival ( competition).



In high school, she moved to Germany with her family.



Mari Terada graduated from Folkwang Hochschule fuer Musik in Essen, Germany,  with distinction.


During her studies in Essen, she became finalist at Chopin Competition in Cologne. Also, she was chosen to give a concert for 4 pianos at the Music and Art Festival Nordrhein-Westfalen representing her school. Mari also won the audition for “German-Japanese Society for the promotion of music”.



Further studies at Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris in France with Prof. Germaine Mounier.


Mari Terada has been awarded several prizes at international competitions, such as diploma and Debussy prize at Albert Roussel International Piano Competition in Bulgaria and C. Franck Prize, medal and diploma at Rome International Piano Competition in Italy.


Mari studied chamber music with Riccardo Brengola and Shuku Iwasaki at Academia Musicale Chigiana, Italy, where she received an honorary diploma.




Mari Terada gave her debut recital in Japan in 1997 at Casals Hall, Tokyo.


For this recital, she has been elected as one of the three new comers in the Japanese piano field by the music magazine, “Ongaku no Tomo” ( Friends of Music)



Mari Terada has made 3 CD solo recordings; Schumann (AUCD-10), Debussy Piano Works (AUCD-15) and “Reflections” (MS-001). The Debussy Album was chosen as “the most recommended Disc” by “Rekord Geijutsu” and “Chopin” Magazines. 



Mari Terada not only performs in Japan, but also internationally. In 2006, she made her debut in Vietnam with the Vietnamese National Symphony Orchestra playing Mozart piano concerto.



In 2007, she played the piano in the multi media production, St, Kilda: an European Opera, which was transmitted simultaneously by satellite in 5 different countries (Germany, Scotland, France, Belgium , Austria).



In 2008, Mari Terada held solo recitals in Brazil as part of “ Centennial celebration of Japanese immigration to Brazil” and the “ Bicentennial celebration of the Brazilien Press Association” (an official event recognized by the Japanese Foreign Ministry)



In 2009, recital and master class in Beijing, China



In 2010, recital in Seoul, Korea



In 2013, recital in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, hosted by the General Consulate of Germany.



In 2014, she appeared at the “Bangkok International Piano Festival 2014” and also gave master class.



Mari Terada performs not only as soloist, but also as chamber musician and accompanist. Mari strongly believes in introducing the wonders of classical music to young audience, therefore is very active in doing outreach concerts at schools as well.



Mari also judges at piano competitions and auditions such as ;  P.I.A. Japan Piano Competition, Japan Classic Music Competition,  Kanazawa Piano Competition.



Her other projects are collaborative concerts such as “Music and Literature”, “Music and Sweets” and “Music and Art”. In 2017, Mari started a new type of concert series, “Muse’s Music Box”, collaborating with guest lecturer with  Mari’s performance.



She is a member of the Japan Music Federal Association and Piano Teachers’ National Association ( PTNA)




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