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Trial rehearsal using zoom


Yesterday a singer friend and I tried to rehearse a short piece together using zoom. We had been so excited about it but we found out it’s impossible to make music in in this way due to time décalage. It works if one pre-records his/her part and the other plays along to it, but we’re not trying to do a karaoke here!!

With online teaching, I’m starting to get the idea of how things work differently from one-t—one lessons. With fellow musicians we exchange ideas and infos about devices we use, how these online platform works etc.

I should become pretty professional by the time this epidemic has gone. The big question is...when?!

声楽家の内田絵夢ちゃんとzoom で合わせてみよう!と張り切って練習もしたのにやはり電波を通しての音楽のやり取りは双方での時間のズレが生じてしまうので断念せざるを得ませんでした。悲しい😭




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