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  • 執筆者の写真寺田まり/MariTerada

Using one’s talent/ 与えられたものを精一杯使う

Paralympic has started. When I see the sportsmen/ women using their body so deftly, and seeing how radiant they are focusing towards their goals, it is so beautiful, I feel humbled and am so moved by the sight.

The other day, my friend brought over some Madeleine. Her company hires many disabled people and the package design for the madeleine was done by one of the employees.

These two things remind me of a famous story in the Bible about using ones talent to its fullest.



皆できる事を精一杯しているのに私はついつい簡単に「できない」とかやりたくないという言葉を使ってしまうことがあります。与えられたものに感謝して精一杯頑張る💪  パラリンピック選手やこの箱のデザイナーさんから教えられます。



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