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  • 執筆者の写真寺田まり/MariTerada

Mind refreshing/波の音を聞きながら

It’s really been a while since I last traveled. But last week, most of my students seemed to be away on a ski trip, so I decided to go away myself for a few days and went to the seaside carrying some paper work with me. The weather had been nice and warm, and the change of scene was much nicer than I had expected. Although I had spent most of my time cooped up at the hotel, staring out the window at the sea washed away the fatigue I had been feeling lately, and also cleared my mind! 

ずっと家に籠りきりの日々だったので旅をするなんて本当に久しぶりのこと。 数日間、海辺のホテルにペーパーワーク持参で過ごしてきました。

これが想像以上に癒しの時間で、波の音を聞きながら環境の違う中での仕事ははかどること! 暖かい気候にも恵まれたので風を感じながらのお散歩も軽く汗ばむほどで気持ちよく、頭も心もすっかりリフレッシュされました。




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