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  • 執筆者の写真寺田まり/MariTerada


Thank you all for the lovely bd messages I received through FB, messages, emails and some personal calls. In time like this, it really meant a lot to be blessed with good health !

Despite the emergency ban lift at the beginning of the month, I am still a bit wary about resuming the ‘normal’ life style in full swing. But yesterday, my mother and I have been invited over to our friends’ place where they welcomed us with delicious meal and self made bd cake to celebrate my Bday ❣️✨‼️ This actually had been the very first time to get together with friends since mid March !! How good it felt to be with close friends, talking and laughing away ! Thank you, Miho- Chan for the wonderful dishes and the cake , Kao-Chan for the special champagne 🍾 and Mrs. S. , for the ukulele bd song! We had a wonderful day together with you 🥰😘♥️






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